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13 civic evo-one, flashlink updater problem

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Programmed Evo one to 73.21, flashed no problem.

Selected C1 and D2 and was giving me a problem, disconnected by itself and saying this unit is not supported.

After few attempts, now shows C1 programmed, but D2, clicked D2 and now programmed no problem.


But I do not see funtion 38 to enable to press 3X to remote start.

Car is 2013 civic, following guide #57741

Am I missing something? This is my first time using Evo one product.

Let me know thanks.
Service Number : 002B07134963
asked Jan 10 in Honda by leo kim (840 points)

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Click the toggle button to set the flash link to connection mode remote starter.

Then plug in your evo-one and go to options to enable option 38
answered Jan 10 by Derek (76,480 points)
selected Jan 11 by leo kim