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where did I stuck with evo all?

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I bought me a new one EVO ALL (2014) from e-bay ( Cause, I have been told device made under 2013 will not work )  : The Service No: 00A06 759436. Programmed and updated with the  internet 2009 escape standerd key  : Option; D1 is OFF= not to confused the car ,and A 5, A6 are OFF = not to let car start by itself . Every step went well as estated in the  guide #34451(regular installation) last step: Yellow and red leds alternated.Good.
Did the DCRYPTOR + Updated the device,then plugged it  into the car : Tried to remoe start, result ; Ignition turns on , no crank and no start . Did the DRCYPTOR  twice with no problem with link -manager . Put the car- key in the ignition to TEST : Car remote started fine .Leads to two things : Something wrong either the EVO ALL or it's wiring . All wiring connections look fine ,No problem with the programming (evo all- steps : on pagr 6) . So, did I miss something,here?. My problem I have ONE KEY for this car,other wise, I wouldn't use the Drcyptor. Iam stuck . I Need  help and thanks to every one.
Service Number : 00A06759436
asked 2 weeks ago in Ford by Daud Suleiman (160 points)

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What do the led's on the evo all do when you try to remote start the vehicle?

What type of remote starter are you using the evo-all with? what protocol have you set the remote start module to?

Dcrpytor is working so issue is not with programming.
answered 2 weeks ago by Derek (111,630 points)
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 The EVO ALL:  Led turns YELLOW .I am using  ProStart - Model #: CT-5472TW with basic programming options except mode4 ,function 6 :Bypass type = option 1( fortin) . Page 20 http://www.prostartsystems.com/Docs/CT_5472%20TW_ig_en_h5xs4x.pdf . The protocol :F3:D2D.  
Found the solution : lowering the firmware to 71.35 and reprogram the unit.Thanks Derek.