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Does evo all lose programming if unplugged?

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Installed evo all with autopage remote start, i already had a remote start installed but replaced it, i took out evo all for about a week i don't know if i have to reprogram it or if something is lose, remote start will work but next day it will start a shut off in about 5sec, i will relearn the tach and it will work again. Will wire to wire just for tach help? Can i check if evo all is putting out tach signal?
asked 3 weeks ago in Honda by julio pelayo (770 points)

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Yes you can check the evo to see if it is outputting tach.


With a multimeter probe the tach wire on the evo, you should see a voltage drop when starting the vehicle.


answered 3 weeks ago by Derek (111,630 points)
selected 3 weeks ago by julio pelayo
Should i update evo all to latest version? Guide i used shows ground while running connected new guide doesn't , its in dotted line. If i update evo do i need to disconnect the gwr wire? Also will tach wire work w2w in data mode? Remote starter is set to tach data mode should I change it to tach mode? 2013 civic
you should not need to update the evo.
Thank you for your reply
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If reprogramming tach on your autopage fix, the issue, the autopage is losing tach programming when it's disconnected. You should contact autopage.
answered 3 weeks ago by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (24,560 points)