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2014 Highlander: key takeover after remote start

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Does the  Evo-All support key takeover for 2014-2016 Highlander yet? I notice a previous article from 2014 ( says that this isn't possible without sacrificing a key. But newer pages seem to suggest that it is.

I am looking for a solution for my 2014 Highlander that will not kill the engine when I open the door after remote start, without sacrificing a key. Is this possible using your product?

asked 5 days ago in Toyota by Chris Stephens (180 points)

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On Highlander Push to start it is not possible. Takeover is only possible on Highlander with standard key.
answered 5 days ago by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (75,630 points)

While it's not the answer I was hoping for, I appreciate the reply, Mathieu.


One last question: 


If I am willing to sacrifice a key on my 2014 Highlander (PTS), is there any Fortin solution which avoids shutting off the engine when the door is opened (after remote start)? Can the EVO-ALL suport this? Or any other product you recommend?

I've read that it is possible to defeat the engine-shutoff if you sacrifice a spare key, but I can't find out how to do that with Fortin.


For example, there is another product (Directed Electronics 1101T Universal Proximity Key) that temporarily energizes a spare key hidden in the dash in order to make the vehicle think the driver is inside the vehicle. It seems this product is designed to avoid the engine-shutoff on PTS vehicles, but I'm not sure. Thank you,