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Advanced Keys Push Button / Remote Start - Evo All

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I have installed the EVo-All and Advanced Keys per the manual.  I have programmed the Evo-All using the Flash link software. Went through the sequence to program the key, flashed it to the dcrypter software and updated the unit. But I still have to use the key in the ignition to start it which I thought I wouldn't have to do which the EVO-All and for what ever reason the advanced Keys isnt getting a signal fromt the EVO-All pertaining to the Tachometer out.  I dont know what I am doing wrong but need some direction. Also now my oem remote isnt working to arm or disarm the car and I can't seem to get the Advanced Keys to arm or disaarm either. What options do I need to select in the Evo-all options for this kit.
Service Number : 001a06 798844
asked Jun 17 in Subaru by Richard Wegmann (130 points)
edited Jun 17 by Richard Wegmann

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