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Is firmware 73.18 beta safe or should I wait for the final release? 2013 Honda civic

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If I re flash the module do i have to reprogram it?
asked 6 days ago in Honda by julio pelayo (300 points)

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73.21 is the beta firmware...and from what I've seen it works 100%

If you flash a module 99% the time yes you will have to re program it.
answered 6 days ago by Derek (60,790 points)
selected 6 days ago by julio pelayo
Thank you. one more question I'm using the evo all with a crime stopper sp 402 and works perfect, i have the lock unlock wires from crime stopper to car, if i re flash to 73.18 so i don't have to carry the crime stoppers remote do i leave the installation alone or do i have to use the lock unlock wires from evo all?