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2011 GMC Sierra 1500 Remote Start Lock X6 WHY?

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I installed my GMT4 System and was super easy to install and program BUT I have to press the lock button on my oem remote six times not just the three as described. Also can I stop the horn from honking all six times when using remote start option? And Last but not least how do I know from 800ft away if my truck has stopped after the six pushes of the lock button. Really need to get this to three times lol.
Service Number : 001A06 654385
asked Jan 10 in GMC by Derek Hodgson (190 points)

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Probably a timing issue.

Does the blue led flash with each lock press?

Try 1 Mississippi per lock press...
answered Jan 10 by Derek (76,480 points)
selected Jan 11 by Derek
Bang on Derek thanks so much.... Great Products = Great Support.