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toy evo ove rf kit doent start

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I have installed EVO One with RF start remote the engine crank but won't start unless I put the key in the ignition so remotes coudnt start the engine but when I use the key the engine start up.can you help me with that.
Service Number : 002B07 156134
asked Jan 10 in Toyota by stanislav dorofieiev (370 points)
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Did you configure the evo for 2 ignition and 2 starters?
answered Jan 10 by Derek (76,480 points)
I did regular programming which have found on fortin's page and programmed remotes using programming buttom
Are you using the t-harness?

Did the module program exactly as shown in the guide?
Yes t harness toy-1 and did exactly how guide says
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option 2.4 needs to be turned on.
answered Jan 10 by Robb (164,450 points)
What should I do for turn it on?
use either an RF kit and set the option or plug it into the flash link updater in connection mode remote starter and enable option 2.4
Thank you guys ! Everything started work perfectly