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2015 Tundra Evo One alarm/horn goes off every few starts. Not everytime. D2 is enabled

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Also not able to unlock with OEM fob during remote start session. Blue led will flash twice when unlock is pressed but nothing happens.
Service Number : 002B07 145154
asked Jan 9 in Toyota by Randy Smith (160 points)

1 Answer

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When remote starting the vehicle are you hearing the "beep beep" from the vehicle when it unlock the doors ?
answered Jan 11 by Mathieu Bertrand Colin (84,560 points)
Have solved the issue... the vehicle had a factory remote start in it already. was not labled on door or under hood, must not have been put through the registration sequence. After working with the Crutchfeild support team it was determined that it must be affecting the Evo One.    

I have removed the Evo fron the vehicle. thank you for your help.